Boxing (up our stuff) Day

On December 26th, we were still packing and cleaning out our studio in Boston even though our flight was later that day. It was not a pretty sight.

studio before after

photo 1
Saying “goodbye” to Kevin & Afshaan (tears preceded and followed this picture!)

Our amazing friends, Kevin & Afshaan, to whom we owe many thanks, came over to help us pack up our kitchen (and take our pantry food!), but they ended up saving more than our bacon. I really don’t know that we could have moved out in time if it weren’t for them!! Also, Young Paik who showed up to take the last of our boxes to storageย stayed to help Kev & Afshaan. Seriously, thank you all, and thanks to the Jeong’s for storing our things! We were packing until the momentย that we had to leave.

Goodbye, Luey, see you in London!!!
Goodbye, Luey, see you in London!!!

Sam and Youngji arrived, we loaded the cars and left. When we got to Pet Cargo at Logan airport, we were greeted by an employee who looked at Luther’s crate and said, “oh no, that won’t work” (while shaking his head). He said the crate was too small (even tho it is for a dog 40lbs larger than Luther). British Airways requires a crate in which the dog’s ears would not touch the top of the inside. I was thinkingย quick run to Petco? He left for a few minutes and came back with a wooden crate that someone had left there after traveling. Okay, we’ve had a lot of issues along the way, but many times they are resolved right way. This was one of those times. We were so thankful. It’s the little things that can cause big issues. Goodbye Luey!

We said very emotional goodbyes to Sam & Youngji as they dropped us off at departures. Sam, Youngji and baby Rosie are like family to us and they will always have a big place in our hearts. Even though I know we will always be family, it was so hard to say goodbye, knowing that we wouldn’t be seeing them every week, and watching Rosie grow up. This is where FaceTime comes in. As soon as we get wifi, we will be FaceTiming ASAP. ๐Ÿ™‚ We love you Rosie girl!!! We didn’t take a goodbye pictures with them, but we spent Christmas (the day before) with them, Ruddy & the Burtram’s.

thanks for hosti
thanks for hosting Burtram’s! (photos by Youngji)

When we got to our gate, we were exhausted. Completely physically and emotionally spent. I hope this post isn’t a major downer, but it’s all true. A crazy, sad last couple of days, with intense stress and sad goodbyes! As a way of saying goodbye to Boston, we ordered a Sam Adams at the bar and just sat there. It was surreal.

IMG_0593I promise my next post will be more cheery. And it will be taking place in London. ๐Ÿ™‚


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