Burns Night

Robert Burns

Burns Night is a celebration of the life and legacy of Robert Burns. Here’s a little bit of information I found about “Rabbie” the great poet and lyricist:

On January 25, 1759 Robert Burns was born in a clay and mud cottage his poor father built in Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland. Everyone knew there was something special about Rabbie and he managed to be educated despite their family’s lack of wealth. It was in his 20’s when he wrote his most famous and well-loved poems and songs. Americans may or may not know Robert Burns, but you’re certain to know his most famous song Auld Lang Syne, the song we sing (with modern lyrics of course) after the ball drops on New Years. Here is a great chart with the original lyrics and the Scots translation.

This year, Burns Night happen to be the night before Bobby’s program started. So, we invited his whole class over to celebrate. Many of them were meeting each other for the first night. It was a great time!

burns night group pic
Some of the MSc Physiotherapy crew. Such great people!

What is Burns IMG_1728Night, you ask!? Burns Night is every year on Robert Burns birthday, January 25. Here are the elements of a Burns Night Supper. The chairperson recites the Selkirk Grace (we didn’t really have a chairperson):

Some hae meat and canna eat

And some wad eat that want it;

But we hae meat and we can eat,

Ans sae the Lord be thankit.

At this point, dinner is served and then the address “To a Haggis” (another Burns poem) is given. Bobby made the Scottish girls read it and they did a better job than any of us could.

Jenny & Lisa (the native Scots) taking turns reading stanzas in the address “To the Haggis”

Then we dug in to a traditional Burns Night meal of: Haggis (my first time preparing and eating haggis!), Neeps & Tatties (turnip & potatoes), Cock-a-leekie Soup (chicken, leeks, barley). And a couple sides of non-traditional green salad and some indian food for our gluten free friends.


Drinks & Dessert are also an important part of Burns Night! Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the Cranachan and it was sooo good! But I did snap a picture of homemade Scottish tablet which is kind of like a slightly crumbly fudge. It’s so good with tea. AND of course, Scotch Whiskey is an absolute must on the Burns Night menu.


Curtis let Luther borrow his kilt towel for a photo opp of a lifetime.
Curtis let Luther borrow his kilt towel for a photo opp of a lifetime.
I will still unpacking, so I didn’t have time to make decorations, so I found a (kind of) plaid scarf, and made a candle holder out of an empty Scotch bottle. There’s definitely room for improvement in the decor department.
Canada's finest...Katherine & Curtis (and his kilt towel)
Canada’s finest…Katherine & Curtis (and his kilt towel)

7 thoughts on “Burns Night

  1. Of course you didn’t get a picture of the Cranachan – you ate it too quickly! It looks yummy. Everything looks tempting; I wouldn’t mine some of your Haggis, must be full of nutrients. Luther looks beautiful, I guess he is sharing your food?
    So you cook Scottish now; do you speak it yet?


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