Christmas Adventures 2015: Part 1, Munich


I can’t believe I’m sitting here at our hotel lobby in Munich with Bobby on the final night of a holiday to Munich + Salzburg. You see, Salzburg has been at the top of my travel bucket list for a long time. Months ago, when we first got Bobby’s school schedule, we went online to find an affordable getaway for these dates. At first we checked flights to Salzburg and it just wasn’t in the budget. When we found good tickets to Munich and realized how close it was to Salzburg, we went for it!


  • Dec 18: arrive to Munich in the afternoon, beer hall at night
  • Dec 19: all day in Munich + Christmas Markets + more beer halls
  • Dec 20: visit Neuschwanstein Castle + drive to Austria
  • Dec 21: Old City Salzburg + Christmas Markets
  • Dec 22: Outskirts of Salzburg + Hellbrunn Castle Advent Market + more beer halls
  • December 23: Leave Austria, visit Berchesgaden, Christmas Markets, arrive to Munich, a night in for blogging and resting
  • December 24: Merry Christmas Eve, fly back to Scotland!

We arrived to Munich in the afternoon, checked in to our hotel outside the city and considered staying in for the night since it was already dark. But we got a burst of energy and decided to venture into the city to visit one of the many beer halls. Priorities. We ended up at what is known as the most famous beer hall in the world, Hofbräuhaus München.

As you can see in the pictures, everyone sits with everyone. Also, it’s true that cute old men wear lederhosen. It’s a communal style seating/drinking/eating. By the end of the night, you have many new friends. This was the most beautiful of beer halls that we visited. It was a perfect setting, with live traditional german music, great beer and great company!

As we drove in and out of the city that night, I was shocked at Munich. It was large, clean, strong, beautiful. And it was fairly organized which I love- probably after coming from the chaos of Boston and the randomness of the small UK towns… it was nice to have some order. I couldn’t wait to wake up and go explore the amazing roads we had traveled around that night.

While we were walking around the markets, someone suddenly came around the corner and wrapped his arms around Bobby. No, he wasn’t getting mugged. We were running in to friends we haven’t seen in ages! Pete & Sarah Nell! They are old friends from Boston who moved to Denver years ago and just happened to be on vacation the same time as us. We spend the rest of the day with them in the markets, at Frauenkirche or Church of Our Lady, Munich and another beer hall in the evening!

In a nutshell… Munich was shockingly beautiful. It really wasn’t on my “must visit” list. But now, I’m obsessed with Germany and want to come back and visit every corner of this amazing country. I kept thinking how much my mom would love this place!

And I’ll end with this… images of Munich at night, during the Advent Season. Pure magic!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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