Christmas Adventures 2015: Part 2, Schloss Neuschwanstein


Our day and a half in Munich was over and we were booked to be in Salzburg that night. So, we took a detour down to see Schloss Neuschwanstein before heading East toward Salzburg. (Schloss = Castle).

As we got closer to the castle, the scenery just kept getting more and more beautiful. The perfectly clear, sunny weather was making it very easy for us to view the alps (some of them topped with snow) and green valleys. When we arrived to the village at the base the castles, they were stunning!


Neuschwanstein is a “modern” castle in comparison to many (especially compared to Scottish castles!)… construction only began in 1868. King Ludwig II of Bavaria was finally able to occupy the castle in 1873, though additions and other construction continued. Ludwig II passed away in 1886 and never lived in a completed castle. I only feel sorry for him that he had this castle built just for himself, to live a lonely, private life. I read somewhere that he wanted to remain a mystery to others and himself. Be sure to google “Neuschwanstein” and check out more photos (from different angles, in the snow, in the fog… beautiful)!


This castle is called Schloss Hohenschwangau (I have no idea how you say it). It was Ludwig’s childhood home, and even though he succeeded the throne and lived there, he built his own castle just a stone’s throw away. It is unknown how old the castle is, although there is evidence that it existed in the 12th Century.

There was little daylight left so we decided to spend our time in the village instead of touring the castles (since we’ve had our fill of castle tours this past year). It was an adorable village with beautiful buildings, more christmas markets and views of the castles. We stopped a wee coffee shop, and the man working behind the counter was cranking gospel praise music. Funny, cute and not what you expect in the Bavarian Alps!!

And a cute Bavarian Village wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas Market…

More to come about our visit to Salzburg, Austria!


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