Christmas Adventures 2015: Part 3, Sound of Music Edition


We made the trek from Neuschwanstein Castle to Salzburg in the evening. We arrived to our charming little Inn. From the outside, it’s lights and christmas decorations sparkled in the crisp cold darkness. However, it wasn’t so sparkling inside… it was completely fogged in by cigarette smoke from the downstairs bar. Although the room was very nice… we didn’t want to deal with the smell of smoke for 3 nights. The bartender woman running the Inn was drunk enough to not mind that we cancelled on her last minute! 🙂

We got back on the road going toward Salzburg. We decided to find a place to eat dinner and figure out lodging. We stumbled upon a beautiful yellow Bavarian-alpine-style restaurant and lodge. And as it turned out, they had rooms available! That would be our home for the next 3 nights. And it was beautiful, comfortable, clean and had an incredible view of the alps right outside our massive window! I didn’t get a photo of our room, but here is some of the decorating from the lounge outside of our room.

The next morning we stayed back to do a few hours so that I could work and Bobby could work on his paper… when that was done, we were so excited to get going. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a gloomy day (but our only gloomy day on the whole trip)! But Salzburg at Christmas shone right through the gloom!

We parked near Mirabell Gardens, where Julie Andrews sang Do-Re-Mi with the VonTrapp kids, danced around the fountain… and the famous finale where they ascended the stairs as they ascended the musical scale. Here is the instagram (of me pretending to be Julie Andrews) and some other photos of the Garden.

Here are some photos of the famous Getreidegasse (a popular and charming shopping street).

After making our way through Getreidegasse, as beautiful as it was, I was ready to see more Sound of Music sites. I really wanted to get to St. Peters.

Well, before we could get to St. Peter’s, we went through Residenzplatz where a massive Christmas Market was taking place. This also happens to be a shooting location for Sound of Music, when Maria was traveling from the Abbey to take on her new role as governess for the Von Trapp children.  Here are some photos of the Christmas market and a great rare image of Julie Andrews shooting this scene.

Remember the scene toward the end of the film where the VonTrapp’s were hiding from the Nazi’s in a graveyard? This is that place!! Well- truthfully, that was technically filmed in Hollywood, but the set was designed after St. Peter’s Cemetery. St.Peter’s was stunning and you could really get a picture of the ancient Roman site it was built upon. Here are photos of St. Peter’s Cemetery and the catacombs…

We had a lovely first day in Salzburg! It was just as charming as I imagined and even more beautiful at Christmas Time.


Will do at least another blogpost about our time in Salzburg… we saw so much! Goodnight!

Rare photos of Sound of Music photo cred: (also worth reading the playbill article, it was only published last week).

One thought on “Christmas Adventures 2015: Part 3, Sound of Music Edition

  1. Hello there in Scotlandia from Bostonia! Thank you for sharing this fun little trip. We are glad to see you are taking advantage of the close proximity of Europe. Have a wonderful new year and keep us posted on your adventures. Always happy to see a new post. Your ex-neighbors Hana, Mario, Blue, and Robert


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