Christmas Adventures 2015: Part 5, Berchtesgaden


Sad but true, we had to leave Salzburg! Just over the border is Berchtesgaden, a national park in the German Bavarian Alps. Cool things about this place:

  • This is the place of Hitler’s hideout, “Eagle’s Nest”. Unfortunately, it’s closed for the winter because of the high altitude + snow, but it’s supposed to be an incredible place to visit and the views are said to be stunning!
  • There are places in the village where you are surrounded 360° with Alps.
  • This is where Julie Andrews spun around and sang “the hills are alive with the sound of music” at the intro of Sound of Music, and also where they filmed the escape of the VonTrapp family at the very end of the movie… “climb every mountain”…
julie in berchtesgaden
Julie Andrews filming in Berchtesgaden. Photos via

My sister and brother-in-law both said we absolutely had to visit. So we did! When we arrived to the village, sure enough… there was another Christmas market and it was beautiful. Since I’ve subjected you to enough Christmas market photos, so I’ll stick to the highlights!


We decided to take a drive up into the mountains. Even though it was not green, nor was it snowy, it was still beautiful!

After visiting Berchtesgaden, we drove the long stretch back to Munich. Good thing we got an early start, we sat in a long row of cars and diesel exhaust for two hours at border patrol. But once we got moving, the sun started to set. On the drive back, we saw so many beautiful churches along the road in different villages and towns. Some of these shots are blurry, but it gives you a sense of driving around Germany!

Goodbye Germany + Austria!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Adventures 2015: Part 5, Berchtesgaden

  1. Always nice to hear from you guys, looks like so much fun. Gorgeous mountains. Blue would love to see here old boyfriend too! She is resting today after she had too much fun at the beach and injured her paw. Hana, Mario, and Blue


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