3 Days in Berlin

Recently, we had the opportunity to go to Berlin for a few days. Cheap flights, a friend’s place to stay at, one of our favorite artists playing a show… it took about 5 seconds for Bobby to twist my arm. And if you read my posts from last Christmas in Munich and Salzburg, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Germany and will do anything to see more!

My friends… this is Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral
foto by Jamie 🙂

First impression: Berlin is old, modern, vibrant, artistic, bruised, beautiful, rebuilt, rebuilt, and rebuilt again. Berlin is resilient and you can feel it in the architecture, the people, the art, the quality of life. There is a profound history that, when illuminated by modern culture, reveals a rich narrative for this place. If you come to Berlin, you need to care about this or you will miss 99% of what Berlin is (I totally made up that percentage, but I hope you know what I mean). 🙂

First off, I need to say that we stayed with some friends in Berlin (Spencer and Jamie) and they were the most incredible hosts we could have had! Besides letting us stay in their spare room and cooking us amazing meals, Jamie gave us a 3-day bike tour complete with seeing the must-see landmarks of Berlin, a wealth of historical facts, visits to some of her local favorites and great photo ops. It’s a bike-friendly, bike helmet-free society, so we rolled with it! The captions of the photos will explain more about what we saw (in no particular order).

In terms of museums, I could have gone to them all! But seeing the Holocaust Memorial was an absolute must. There are two parts to this museum: the outdoor memorial, a lot of towering beams that can be explored and interpreted as you wish, and the underneath informational exhibit and the names of over 3 million Jewish victims. It’s hard for me to explain how meaningful this exhibit was. But I’ll say this, they did a brilliant job of capturing the humanity of individual stories, yet the weight of the impact this made on the entirety of the Jewish culture. Click on the photos to read more.

We had such a good variety of experiences on this trip! The original purpose (or excuse) for coming to Berlin was to see one of our favorite artists (Teitur, he’s a singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands) play at show! It was incredible!!! On our last night, we got to see Spencer play hockey (Eisbären Berlin). We got to the venue a bit early so we could see the East Side Gallery (the part of the Berlin wall that is used for modern art, current events photography exhibits). Enjoy!

Tip for travelers: if you catch the flight sales in the summer for travel in autumn, you can find some incredible deals… like £16 for a flight from UK to EU cheap! We live right by the airport in Aberdeen, so for us, transportation costs to Europe can be the same as paying for petrol to spend the weekend in Edinburgh (only 3 hours away)! It’s not always that way, so sign up for sale alerts!


4 thoughts on “3 Days in Berlin

  1. Oh my goodness!! So glad you got this post up!! I love seeing your pictures and reading more about you time there!! The monkey bar looks like a really nice place to relax and grab some coffee!! You once again have made me want to go to a new place based off your pictures and stories!! 🙂 🙂 also.. what airline flies out of Aberdeen to the EU for that cheap?!? The only flights I can find out of Aberdeen cheap are to Poland.. let me know your secret!!! I need to get somewhere other than Poland for cheaply!! Haha


    1. Aww thanks Heather! Bobby is typically the mastermind with the flight sales. But I’ll try to get more info on that and blog more specifically about it. Aberdeen’s flights aren’t as cheap as the £16 ones that we found from Edinburgh to Copenhagen, but from time to time, we do find good deals from here. If you were to look for them now, no matter how far in advance, the deals won’t be good. It has to be on a special sale. I’ll definitely let you know when I see them! x


  2. What a great post! Back here in Boston we had open studios, luckily with nice weather, it was fun. Blue says Hello to Luther and would love to see some pictures!!
    Glad you are enjoying Scotlandia, Hana & Mario


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